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Explore the shifting and spectral city of Helheim, in this procedurally generated Norse afterlife.

Hel can be played as an atmospheric walking sim set in a grim and eerie underworld, or you can try to discover the mysteries of Helheim and find a secret mechanic to escape to a better afterlife. The question is, does a better fate make you a better person?

Hel is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and can be played using keyboard and mouse, or 360 pad.

In Norse mythology, Hel was the name of both the goddess and the place that she ruled over. When a human died, they could end up in one of three places to dwell until the end of the world. People who had a noble death, either went to Valhalla or to Fólkvangr. Those whose lives and deaths were dishonourable, pitiful, or even just unremarkable, travelled to Helheim. Thus Hel was the afterlife for people who died of disease or frailty. In other words, it was for the wives and mothers, the elderly, infants and disabled people, just as much as it was for cravens and criminals. Was that fair? Maybe not, but the afterlife is what you make of it.


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