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Ummm... I played it for a bit, but all of the walls seemed to be invisible. Please fix!

Hi Ree Dee.

Development of Interactivity is finished, so there won't be any patches for this free game, I'm afraid. But if you describe the problem I bit more, I will help if I can.

I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying that the screen was blank? What are your system specs?

A really funny game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

I had an unusual reaction to this game? Honestly I got really into it. I was inspired. The narrarator's voice is hypnotic. Here is a sample, perhaps someone can explain this...

Hey, thanks for playing. Not sure what was going on with that spooky interference! The original version of the game had that bug, but then I decided to completely remove ALL traces of The Button from the game, so it should be fixed now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Really interesting game and dialog from the "narrator"! I had to try really hard to break this game and get to the button! 

Great game! It was lot's of fun, and pretty tricky, but once I finally got to the button and pushed it it was so worth it. Great job with the build up. and the solution to finding the button made me think outside of the box multiple times. Very reminiscent of the stanly parable. Great job.


Great game. Build up was fantastic and all played out very well. Runs very smoothly and fun to play. Superb job. Well done... :)

Hi, thanks for making the vid - glad you enjoyed it. I'm planning to share your vid on twitter - do you have an account you that I can @ you?

Don't use twitter. Sorry. Thanks for sharing tho. :)


You made a cute little game! I enjoyed myself. Pretty meta, pretty silly, slightly educating, cheeky, etc. Good stuff! I'll follow you in case you make more rad stuff :P 

Enjoy the Lumps Play. Lumps Plays are pop-up commentary. Quite different from the typical let's play! I hope you like it, cheers.

This was fun ^^ I probably should've given this a playthrough when I wasn't sick though XD

Really enjoyed the game, Reminded me a lot of the Stanley Parable. I admit I was stupidly stuck in the third room for a long time though. The flashlight was a bit of a hindrance, but come to find out you really didn't need it. Short and enjoyable.
My Let's Play of the Interactivity

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This game was super cool!
A neat little puzzle game that breaks the forth wall
which is a super awesome thing to do! :)
Absolutely inspired by "The Stanley Parable" so
if you like that game you will love this amazing
but short adventure. :)

Stay Rad Everybody!!