Bickadoodle looks like it was drawn by a 8 yr old, but it's actually only 5!

Five and a bit years ago, I made Bickdoodle as a Yuletide gift for my wife. It was more last-minute than making a game should be, because I started it at the back-end of November and finished it only just on time.

The support and positive feedback she gave encouraged me to polish it up a bit a release it - the first game I'd felt confident about releasing to the public. That was aaaabout 5 years ago today. Aetheric Games was called "Behemotronic" and Bickadoodle was mostly only visible to other users of the Wintermute Engine, although there were a couple of nice reviews about it. It only made it to a couple of years ago.

And today, I released that not everyone has WinRAR, so that's a bit exclusive, isn't it. So now, Bickadoodle has a zip file version too!

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Feb 21, 2018

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