Trailer... Release date... Cost..?

Just a quick devlog this time to highlight a few updates.

The first update is the new trailer:

The second update is what you already know if you paid attention to the trailer: a release date: 4th August.

The third thing is that I wanted to mention that Bonbon will cost £1.50. (GBP. That's currently about $1.95 USD or 1.70 euro.) This is the first time I have charged for a game, and it feels a bit weird, but I think it's justified. It's very nearly finished, and by that time it will have had 300+ hours poured into it, so I have to keep telling myself that £1.50 is a bargain. Maybe I'm even underselling it. Maybe with my next commercial game I'll feel more confident about setting a price. I think it's kind of an impostor syndrome. However, I was recently struck by Robert Yang's recent article, from which I took the message "it's okay to not give up your day-job", but like Robert does himself, I still think it's import to value our work. I'm over-thinking this: Bonbon will cost £1.50. Only £1.50. Bargain.

If you want a download key for reviews, videos or streaming, just let me know.

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It's absolutely ok for you to ask for money, don't worry about it! I can't wait to play this, it's a that bit I'm following your updates and I'm really curious to see your work.


That's good to hear, I appreciate it!