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Hey there, thanks for clicking on a devlog for a game you maybe know nothing about. I appreciate it. I've made Unreal games, Amnesia mods, Flash toys and more, but this is the first time I've tried sharing my development process, so if there's anything you want to see or ask about, just let me know!

The game I'm currently working on, Bonbon, is a short, first-person, domestic horror narrative in which you play a small child in the UK in the 1980s.

Lemme pick that apart. By the words "first-person" and "narrative", I mean "walking-sim", except with some simple tasks thrown in for pacing and presence. By "domestic horror", I mean a sinister tale set in a family home, about a family experience. By "small child", I mean a toddler, ie., what I was in the early-mid 80s. And by "short" I mean like 10-40 minutes, depending on whether you choose to play it fast or slow.

Now, I'm a firm believer in the premise of monster delay, and since the little story I want to tell you is hinged on the proximity of a certain, um, cohabitant, I'm going to be avoiding spoilers in this devlog, but I'm hoping to show you little snippets of environment and talk about development, without giving too much away, about once a week. Next week I'll start by sharing some pics and info about some of the toys you get to interact with, including how they were made and why they're in the game. (There's a little taster in the image above.)

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