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A short horror story, about your childhood. · By Aetheric Games


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Did you have a spooOoOoOOoky Halloween? Hope you spent some time with Bonbon. That is, if you could keep up with him and his new found C-list fame. Around Hallo...
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REAL LIFE giant monster rat!
Are you scared of rats? Do you get a shiver from their cute little twitchy noses? Do you want to tickle their terrible little tummies? Me too! As a special Hall...
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Logistical Problem - carryable physics objects in ver 2.0
In the previous post I announced that there will shortly be a new version of Bonbon, also hitting Steam as well as In the change log, observant people...
Bonbon is coming to Steam!
I'm happy to announce that Aetheric Games is working with Pixeljam to publish Bonbon on Steam ! The latest release (2.1) will come in two versions: a Steam vers...
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Hello playmates of Bonbon! As an early birthday present for you, an update is now available for Bonbon. It's not a major change: just a few small problems tidie...
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Seen and not heard
This is the story of how a badly planned feature became a serendipitous mechanical metaphor at the eleventh hour of the development of Bonbon . For once, I gav...
Trailer... Release date... Cost..?
Just a quick devlog this time to highlight a few updates. The first update is the new trailer: The second update is what you already know if you paid attention...
Preschool Reticule
In Bonbon you play from the perspective of a small child, possibly 3 years old. This is certainly not the first horror game with first-person infant protagonist...